Software Engineer

December 2017 – November 2018

  • Programming languages: Javascript, GoLang, Ruby
  • Javascript Libraries: React JS, React Native
  • iOS integration tests: Detox
  • Development Tools: Webstorm, XCode, Android Studio, Git, Jira, Gitlab, Docker • Agile Methodology: Kanban

I was part of the application team to develop the React Web App and the React Native Mobile App. Also, I developed integration tests for all the React Native projects that I’ve been involved in.

Projects that I’ve been involved in:

  • Tab Navigator: The app changed the designs from a burger menu navigator to a tab navigator.
  • Timeline screen: One of the changes going along with the tab navigator was to replace the Dashboard with a Timeline.
  • Virtual Machines: I improved our build process by creating VMs that runs the integration test, build the iOS release candidate app, and push it to iTunes Connect for production release.
  • Deals Screen v1: First version of a new screen in the app.
  • Deals Screen v2: Second version of deals screen, which gives the user and total saving that they could have if they switch from one provider to another.
  • Your deals screen: This screen displayed a set of personalized deals for a specific user.


Whilst at WonderBill, I had the pleasure to have Warren as my mentor.

As a junior developer, I learnt a great deal from Warren, ranging from best practices, design patterns and coding ability.

Warren possesses a great deal of knowledge regarding front-end development. The team relied on him massively, and he provided the knowledge necessary to allow the team to improve in various areas of development.

Warren had led the team when faced with difficult situations and can delegate tasks to team members to ensure a crisis is avoided.

I can honestly say Warren will be a valuable asset to have in any project he becomes a part of, and I highly recommend him.

Felice Gregorio

Junior Engineer, WonderBill

Warren pays a great deal of attention to detail, this is evident both in the way he works and in the quality of the end product. His meticulous approach, however, doesn’t get in the way of his capability to listen carefully to what others are saying and to take onboard critical recommendations very well. I enjoyed some very productive pairing sessions with him, where he was always eager to take on a new task, whether hard or simple, to systematically solve. Warren’s sympathetic approach to life brings a refreshing upbeat rhythm to his team, I consider him a treasured colleague, I hope our paths cross again soon.

Robert Cambridge

Senior Engineer, WonderBill