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Android and Frontend Applications Developer

September 2016 – June 2017

  • Programming languages: Java (Android), Typescript
  • Javascript Libraries: Angular JS 4, Mocha, Chai, Gulp, Webpack
  • Java Libraries: JHipster (Spring Boot, Spring Security, Hibernate, MySQL, JWT web tokens, Swagger, and more).
  • Development Tools: Webstorm, Git, Jira, C.I., Heroku
  • Agile Methodology: SCRUM

I developed web applications with Angular 4 and Android mobile applications.


  • Dimble Android App: I developed an Android App for selling clothes and accessories. I used Retrofit 2 for the REST API calls. I used Glide for image management. I used MVC and managers to encapsulate the communication with the backend. I made intensive use of the principles of object orientation: delegation pattern, inheritance and polymorphism to achieve a high level of modularization and reusability in the code. I used Crashlytics for the analysis and diagnostic of errors. Dimble won the 2017 TECH design awards – Silver
  • Dimble Angular JS WebApp: I developed a control management system in Angular 4 to analyse sales, manage products, etc. The architecture used for this project was MVP and RxJS for communication between components.
  • This Is Me Angular JS WebApp: I developed a control management system in Angular 4 to manage admins and users. Also, with the web app, the administrator users who were misusing the iOS app could be blocked. The architecture used for this project was MVP and RxJS for communication between components.
  • Project Cost Calculator WebApp and JHipster Backend: I developed a web app where potential clients can enter information into an online questionnaire, and the app will return a quotation for the project. The architecture used for the Angular 4 project was MVP and RxJS for communication between components using JHipster for the backend.

I collaborated with Warren on developing an Android app for the fashion retail industry. The project was carried out using the latest advances in Java architecture and especially Android.

Warren has demonstrated an excellent ability to solve complex programming challenges. He is an enthusiastic professional, very proactive, has a great motivation to write quality source code: robust, stable, high performant, scalable, easy to understand and maintain. He cares about being up to date and learning from the latest technological advances. For example, Angular 4 (Typescript), React JS, Kotlin, Spring Boot, JHipster, etc.

Alfredo Rueda Unsain

Android and JHipster Architect

Warren was able to join our established group of developers with ease, quickly becoming a proactive, confident member of the team. He always strives for top quality and pushes himself to produce the best, showing real pride in his work. His genuine personal interest in the industry is reflected in his constant desire to expand his skills. Warren will no doubt be a talented, valuable and cheerful addition to any future team he joins.

Zoë H.

Project Manager

Warren is a dedicated, experienced, software professional with a vast experience in all aspects of software development. He is also an excellent team player, with high integrity and work ethics. Warren can make great contributions to a company and help build excellent products as he has experience in a wide range of technologies. I highly recommend Warren!

George Smeros

iOS Developer

It was a pleasure to work with Warren at Lexel. When I joined he was very supportive and keen to help me understand his job and how the system worked. He also has a great personality and knows what he is doing. I’m am completely sure he’ll be an asset to any company that desire to recruit him.
Cristher Bolivar

Project Manager

I would recommend Warren to anybody who is looking for a passionate and hardworking individual. He is always striving to learn and master the latest technology. Warren is a perfectionist, he wouldn’t be happy unless he thought it was perfect and the client was completely satisfied with the work. It was always a pleasure working alongside him and I’m sure he would be an asset to any company.
Samuel Catt

Project Manager

Warren is an extremely enthusiastic and proactive developer that always focus on delivering quality products. Dependable, ambitious and always striving to learn, Warren has been a core part of the team both as an AngularJS and an Android developer. He has also a strong background in backend architecture using JHipster, which makes him a really complete professional.

I’m sure that he will have a bright future ahead.

Jano Amigo Nieto

Mobile Team Leader

Warren is a friendly, happy person that I always enjoyed working with during our time at Lexel together. He is a highly skilled very professional in his field and is a perfectionist that only wants to deliver work of the highest quality to provide each client with the best service possible.

I honestly believe he would be an invaluable asset to any team he is a part of.

Philip Pemberton

Magento Developer

Warren is a passionate and talented developer. We worked together to develop mobile and web apps which he has shown great knowledge in the latest Angular and Android SDK. Warren earns my highest recommendation.
Alexandros Papasavva

Senior Backend Developer